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Wax + Wax Alternatives

Wax and wax-free packaging solutions are available to accommodate your business' needs. Packaging solutions are available with wax or wax-free coatings for products that are exposed to free water, ice, and modified or dry atmosphere. Whether you are a meat packer, produce farmer or poultry processor, J Hill Container™ has packaging solutions for you!

Wax and wax alternatives are used in many types of packaging and for many products. The primary users are produce and protein customers.

J Hill Container™ specializes in the safe, reliable, and cost effective packaging of your goods. We have a solution for your every desire—choose from a wide range of stock items or we will gladly engeneer you a custom solution. Our customers often tell us that we are low-quantity run experts and that the instant turnaround of only 1-5 days saves them money. You will find that we make transport packaging easy, especially with our just-in-time product delivery service where, if desired, you can recieve your product when you need it instead of all at once. With packaging experience in nearly every industry, in every scale, and with all levels of confidentiality/discression, J Hill Container™ saves you time, energy, and money™…after all your bottom line is ours too.™

Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

  • Improved wet and dry strength
  • Can be used in any box design
  • Decreased wicking
  • Keeps graphics bright and clear
  • Excellent recyclability—just place in regular OCC bales

Your bottom line is ours too.

Save time, energy, and money…

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Save time, energy, and money

Knowing that your bottom line is ours too, J Hill Contianer™ guarantees that we will save you time, energy, and money. You will find a wide variety of cell partition, packaging, and fulfillment solutions to meet your every need. Located in the Midwest, we manufacture and ship to all parts of North America. Contact us now »

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