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Allowing you to reduce slow moving, multiple box inventories, save storage space, and eliminate make-shift cartons to ship long or bulky items, corrugated fanfold is made to order. It is a continuous corrugated board, accordion folded into a bale.

Bales are either pre-scored to fit customer specifications (for a specific box share and size) or not scored (used to package products that have varying lengths and widths), helping you save money and reduce your multiple box SKUs.

Excellent for use with: Furniture, Aluminum Extrusion, Countertops, Window Coverings/Blinds, Cabinets, Custom Glass, Door Frames, Metal & Plastic Tubing, Gutters, Electrical Parts, Vinyl Siding, Custom Screen, Molding & Trim, Medical Devices, Aircraft/Aerospace Parts.

Made to Order

Customization provides an ideal solution for unusual shaped products with varying lengths and widths

  • Board Grades:
    • ECT
    • Mullen
  • Liners: All, including BriteTop white
  • Coatings:
    • 100% recyclable
    • Water, grease, abrasion, and oil resistant
  • Flutes:
    • C-Flute
    • BC Doublewall
  • Fold Length: Any accommodated, the most common include: 48", 60", 72", or 84"
  • Scoring: Various score options available to meet customer specifications
  • Printing:
    • Random Printing and Pre-Print up to 6 colors
    • Print Wheel Capability
  • Tear Tape: Easy open Tear Tape
  • Finishing/Shipping: Pallets and Stretch Wrap

Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

  • Saves Money and Space
    • Reduces multiple SKUs, slow moving SKUs, waste and total inventory
    • Reduces warehouse space and labor costs
    • Eliminates extra charges for box order minimums or smaller set-up fees
  • Easier Handling
    • Improves handling, printing and storing with consistently sized units
    • Convenience and Flexibility
    • Create your packaging when you need it, in the size you need – one SKU for all your packaging!

Your bottom line is ours too.

Save time, energy, and money…

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Save time, energy, and money

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