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From boxes → partitions/cell-dividers → heavy duty packaging materials, J Hill Container™ specializes in the safe, reliable, and cost effective packaging of your goods. We have a solution for your every desire—choose from a wide range of stock items or we will gladly engeneer you a custom solution. With packaging experience in nearly every industry, in every scale, and with all levels of confidentiality/discression, J Hill Container™ saves you time, energy, and money™…after all your bottom line is ours too.™

  • Boxes

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  • Heavy Duty Corrugated

    The solution for all your heavy-duty bulk packaging needs is J Hill Container's™ Heavy Duty Corrugated products. Excellent for use in any industry, product you package, or destination. Collaborating with you, we will engineer you an effective solution for any desire using state-of-the-art design and testing facilities. J Hill Container™ has the know-how and capabilities to deliver custom corrugated solutions that protect and promote your products. Our customers know they can count on us for superior products and services at the lowest total cost.

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  • Partitions + Cell Dividers

    Corrugated partitions take you beyond the commodity box business and into the niche supplier business. With partitions, you have the competitive edge. Partitions can come pre-assembled to save labor costs for your customer.

    Further savings can be realized through use of automated inserters. J Hill Container™ has designers who listen and collaborate with you to engineer the optimum partition for any product. Perfect for use with: Fragile glass products, Breakable dispensing systems, Wine bottles and glasses, Gallon jugs or jars of food, Medical vials, Votive candles, Automotive parts, Hazardous materials.

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  • Solid Fibre

    Engeneered to be stronger and more moisture resistant than corrugated packaging, solid fibre is both a practical and cost savings replacement for packaging materials such as wood, rubber, plastic, and styrofoam. Solid fibre is made from multiple plies of kraft linerboard which are laminated together using a moisture resistant adhesive. It is also recyclable and sourced from 100% renewable forest fiber, making it a smart environmental choice.

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  • Trays + Bins

    Corrugated trays combine the advantages of high stacking resistance, easy handling, and clear visibility of contents. Based on years of experience, we develop trays to exceed your supply chain desires.

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Your bottom line is ours too.

Save time, energy, and money…

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Save time, energy, and money

Knowing that your bottom line is ours too, J Hill Contianer™ guarantees that we will save you time, energy, and money. You will find a wide variety of cell partition, packaging, and fulfillment solutions to meet your every need. Located in the Midwest, we manufacture and ship to all parts of North America. Contact us now »

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