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Wet Environment Protein Bulk Bins

Product freshness is critical to anyone who ships, sells, and consumes meat, poultry, or seafood. J Hill Container's™ experts go far beyond simply providing you a box, they create a complete, integrated packaging system that allows for safe and secure transit from your processor to your customers.

Originally designed for the red meat and poultry industries as containment bins for an array of products from mechanically separated chicken to red meat trimmings. Other wet environment packaging can be developed for you by our design engineers who will craft custom packaging for your product and supply chain needs.

J Hill Container's™ experienced professionals provide you with expert solutions for your bulk packaging needs—from product supply chain→production→retail. In addition to a full range of bulk bins for uses in your various packaging needs, special and custom designs such as laminated octagonal packs and multi-cell containers are also available.

Bulk/Semi-Bulk bins and totes are constructed of double and triple wall corrugated and laminated double and triple wall combinations that meet the needs and supply chain of your product. High-performance materials and consistent manufacturing tolerances enable multi-use capabilities and multiple round trips for added cost effectivness.

Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

  • Compliant: FDA/USDA approved materials used throughout packaging.
  • Mess-Free: High performance liners and waterproof adhesives to handle wet environments.
  • Spill-Free: Web-bottom end flaps that stop end panel "blow-outs," 2-Ply bottom tape reduces score-line splitting, and parabolic relief scores to reduce bulge and bin width.
  • Customizable to you: Optional pre-strapping for additional support and multiple depths and dimensions to meet your product and packing needs.

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