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Temporary + Semi-Permanent Displays

Our team has the experience and the "know how" to bring these displays to life, get noticed, sell more, and stay on budget. We can be your single point of contact to custom design, manufacture, ship, and showcase your products on displays that stop consumers in their tracks.

Floor Displays + End Caps

Floorstand displays are an excellent value in getting your product and its related message on a retail floor. Floorstands are designed to be versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Floorstand displays have a top or side header that brands a special message to the consumer, perfect for offering a new brand extension, re-life of a product, a special offer or a unique way of using your product.

End Cap displays take advantage of existing space at the end of each aisle at store level, designed to be placed and shopped within the existing shelves of a retail store. Retail Experience Network has many creative offerings to help you place your products in full view of consumers.

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Pallet Displays

These displays are "show stoppers" in that they command real estate on a store floor, stopping shoppers to engage them in your product's special offerings. Displays can be visually complex, grand showcases, or designed and presented in simple layers of single products, depending on your marketing goals.

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PDQ Trays + Counter Units

PDQ trays (which stand for Pretty Darn Quick) are trays designed to be placed on retail shelves with minimum labor cost. These trays can be printed with high end color graphics to showcase your branding message or inexpensively color coated to meet various retailer driven specific needs. PDQ trays are a standard in the industry and have a multitude of tray styles, as well as an understanding of retailer driven standards to get your products on shelves and sell quickly.

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Powerwings + Sidekicks

A Powerwing or Sidekick display is a great way to enable shoppers to view your products at eye level. These displays attach to the sides of an end cap or various locations in-store and are usually used for smaller products. Powerwings and sidekicks can also serve as the primary component of a floorstand, adding versatility to a single display component, giving you an option of offering your products at multiple placements within various retail outlets.

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Custom + Other Displays

J Hill Container™ takes pride in the design of even the most common of purchase materials. Our caring and committed team is ready to succeed in promoting your products at retail.

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Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

We don't just sell displays. We are idea agents: creative specialists of designers, fabrication, project management and more, with years of adding value to our customers' promotional purchasing experience.

Whether it's a sales driven, point-of-purchase display with eye-catching graphics or a specialized package engineered to meet your unique product requirements, we can deliver anything you desire. As your single point of contact for design, printing, manufacturing and fulfillment, we streamline the process of getting winning displays in front of your customers that drive brand loyalty and increase sales.

Your bottom line is ours too.

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Save time, energy, and money

Knowing that your bottom line is ours too, J Hill Contianer™ guarantees that we will save you time, energy, and money. You will find a wide variety of cell partition, packaging, and fulfillment solutions to meet your every need. Located in the Midwest, we manufacture and ship to all parts of North America. Contact us now »

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