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Resin + Laminated Bulk Bins

More than just a box, J Hill Container's™ Bulk Bins safely store and transport a variety of solid and dry flowable goods in engineered heavy-duty laminated bulk bins. Perfect for your petrochemical resins, auto parts, or fabrications.

Designed to withstand extreme conditions—from high humidity and temperature environments to the ability to easily fold and stack—J Hill Container's™ bulk bins save you warehousing space and money as well as reduce handling and product damage, save time, and maximize warehouse efficiencies.

J Hill Container's™ experienced professionals provide you with expert solutions for your bulk packaging needs—from product supply chain→production→retail. In addition to a full range of bulk bins for uses in your various packaging needs, special and custom designs such as laminated octagonal packs and multi-cell containers are also available.

Bulk/Semi-Bulk bins and totes are constructed of double and triple wall corrugated and laminated double and triple wall combinations that meet the needs and supply chain of your product. High-performance materials and consistent manufacturing tolerances enable multi-use capabilities and multiple round trips for added cost effectivness.

Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Industry standard bins (including: the HPT-41, the 1700 pound tote, one-way and multi-use shippers) and custom design bins to meet your unique needs with capacities up to 3000 pounds.
  • Recyclable: Sustainably sourced material recoverable for recycling into new packaging and other paper products .
  • Durable: One-piece laminated boxes provide up to 40% more top-to-bottom compression than a comparable non-laminated box-in-tube construction.
  • High Quality: High-performance materials and consistent manufacturing tolerances allow for reuse, multi-use capabilities, and multiple round trips
  • Versatile: Use with Petrochemical Resins, Processed Meats and Poultry, Resin Compounders, Fresh and Frozen Produce, Distributors, Processed Foods and Cheese, Automotive and Foundries, Ingredients and Raw Materials, Durable goods, furniture, Grain, Beans, Nuts and Seeds.

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Save time, energy, and money

Knowing that your bottom line is ours too, J Hill Contianer™ guarantees that we will save you time, energy, and money. You will find a wide variety of cell partition, packaging, and fulfillment solutions to meet your every need. Located in the Midwest, we manufacture and ship to all parts of North America. Contact us now »

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