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Pallet Caps

Pallet caps protect your product, providing the similar benefits of wood frames or plywood, more affordably. In practice, pallet Caps are the ideal replacement for the plywood sheets used to cover a unitized load of product so that a second load can be stacked atop it. J Hill Container's™ pallet caps protect product as well as your budget.

Engeneered to be stronger and more moisture resistant than corrugated packaging, solid fibre is both a practical and cost savings replacement for packaging materials such as wood, rubber, plastic, and styrofoam. Solid fibre is made from multiple plies of kraft linerboard which are laminated together using a moisture resistant adhesive. It is also recyclable and sourced from 100% renewable forest fiber, making it a smart environmental choice.

Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

  • Cost Effective
    • Reduces damage to the top layer of product
    • Reusable
  • Versatile
    • Custom made to fit a variety of product footprints
    • Serves as efficient transfer device with slave pallet systems
    • Ideal for manufacturing applications that are sensitive to contamination from foreign particles
  • Superior Protection
    • Provides a secure, stackable surface
    • Durable and puncture resistant
    • Protects from strapping damage
  • Premium Ingredients
    • Made from multiple plies of kraft linerboard
    • Specially die-cut
    • Easily assembled interlocking corners
  • Smart Environmental Choice
    • 100% recyclable
    • Made from 100% virgin fiberboard
    • Made from 100% renewable forest fiber procured in accordance with SFI® standards

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