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Pallet Ready Packaging

Pallet Ready packaging is a great way to combine high graphic display features with ready to use packaging. This packaging can be used at the retail level to promote and sell many products. The widest use of pallet ready packaging would be agricultural bins that display everything from watermelons to oranges.

Retail Ready packaging consists of both unique structural and graphic characteristics that can help promote your product. The purpose of retail ready packaging is to increase customer awareness of your product through graphic messaging. Another benefit of retail ready packaging is the labor and time savings associated with products that are ready to be put out for sale without having to be individually stocked.

Benefits and AdvantagesKey Benefits
& Advantages

  • In most cases, pallet ready packaging can be taken from the field or distribution center directly into the retail store.
  • Pallet Ready packaging is customizable with many graphic and structural options.
  • J Hill Container's highly skilled design teams can create the winning packaging for your product.

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